Hipgrave - Genealogy

Welcome to the Hipgrave Family Page

I would love to see this page used by Hipgrave’s from around the world. I believe that if we pool all our resources together we should be able to go a long way towards mapping the entire Hipgrave family from generations past. This is my long term goal. I am interested in not only my side of the Hipgrave family, but all the branches.

Please send a message to me via the Contact Page if you would like to contribute to this project as I am grateful for all information that can be provided by others.

– Anthony Hipgrave

Here is a rundown on what is contained within the site:

  • Hipgrave History (Last updated 26th January 1999)
    Within this section you will discover a brief history of the Hipgrave name.
  • Online Documents (Last updated 26th April 1999)
    Documents that are available for download from this site
  • Offline Documents (Last updated 8th February 1999)
    This section details all the documents which I have that are related to the Hipgraves. If you are looking for a various Hipgrave start here!!!
  • Hipgrave Trees (Last updated 1st March 1999)
    This section contains Hipgrave Trees that are available for viewing.
  • Current Research (Last updated 19th February 2001)
    This section details what I am currently researching.
  • Individual Hipgraves (Last updated 8th February 1999)
    This section includes a short biography on various Hipgraves. It also contains pictures.
  • Other Surnames Associated with the Hipgraves (Last updated 1st March 1999)
    This section includes details of records with the following Surnames:

    • Shill
    • Reader
    • Pope
    • King
    • Lake.
  • The Extras Section:
    • Genealogical Links (Last updated 19th February 2001)
      This section contains links to some of the many useful Genealogical sites on the internet.
    • Site History (Last updated 8th May 2003)
      This section details the history of the Genealogical section of this site. If you come here on a regular basis, then this could be a good place to regularly check, for you will easily be able to work out what has changed since your last visit.