18th July 2018

The Hipgrave Discussion Forum is now up and running. A link is on the menu of the main page. Please take a  look and participate. Have modified the menu to accommodate the change.

16th July 2018

Intermittently, have been working on developing the Hipgrave Family Forum. Once public a link will be on the menu of this site.

28th February 2017

Added some pdf’s to the site for downloading.

23rd February 2017

Created the Contact Page

I have now added the list of all offline documents – Hipgrave and other Surnames.

14th February 2017

In the process of updating the site using the information from the old site.

3rd October 2005

As of 3rd October, 2005, I currently have 636 of the 675 Genealogical Records which are in my possession listed on this site. Most of these are associated with the Hipgrave Family. I’ve had a break from genealogical research for the last nine months or so. I’m back at it again and should do some major updating of this section of the site soon.