Earliest Known Hipgraves

I have obtained copies of the earliest known records involving the Hipgrave Family. These records are from Reed in Hertford, England from 1550 to 1605. In 1550 there was the Baptism of Grace Ipgrave, daughter of Thomas Ipgrave. The writing style from that era had the letter “H” looking similar to todays “I,” which explains why many early Hipgraves were recorded as being Ipgraves when extracted in modern times.

There are also known records available for Hipgraves in London during the late 1500’s, although as yet I have not seen them. For example, in 1568 a Johnes Ipgrave was Baptised in Saint Andrew, Enfield, London, England.

Historically, from the research I have conducted, the majority of Hipgraves were from Hertford County. Although it is known that Hipgraves have been in other areas of England. For instance there are many records for Hipgraves in the London area. Other English Counties where the Hipgraves have had a considerable presence are Bedford and Kent.

Hipgraves Today

Today, from the information that I have gathered, there are Hipgraves in several countries throughout the world.

The majority of Hipgraves are still in the United Kingdom, with a considerable number still in the Hertford area.

In Australia there are two branches of the Hipgraves. My branch of the Hipgrave Family in Australia was pioneered by the Master Mariner, Walter McDonald Hipgrave. He was born in 1860 in Dover, Kent, England. He married his wife, Elsie Valentina Clark, in Williamstown, Victoria, Australia in 1891.

A Hipgrave arrived in Australia earlier than Walter McDonald Hipgrave. In 1870 a Annice Annie Hipgrave was born to a James Lake Hipgrave and Annice Hill in Whroo, Victoria, Australia. Also there is a record for a Hipgrave that was mentioned in the Land Selectors map for Waranga, Victoria in the 1870’s. I believe that these two branches of the Hipgrave family were closely related, but as yet have not been able to confirm the link.

In New Zealand there are two different Hipgrave families. They are unknown to each other. Both live in the North Island.

There are more Hipgraves to be found in Canada, and I have have had some contact with three of them.