Current Research:

I am not currently researching anything at the moment, except working on this web site.

Future Research:

Top Priority

At the moment the top priority is to consolidate all the existing information I have.

Other Research

Other sides of my Family tree: Gibb, Kelly, Shill and Boots.

1881 Census, England

With this information I plan to map out where the Hipgrave’s within England were in 1881. This task has been assisted with the purchase of the 1881 British Census and National Index on CD ROM.

Previous Research:

Datchworth, Hertford, England
Many Hipgrave records are available from this area. Although as yet I can not link my particular Family Tree to this area, I have obtained many records anyway. I will continue my research in this area. I have searched the Parish Records and the 1851 Census.
Dover, Kent, England
I have researched the Dover, Kent, England Hipgraves with some success by so far looking at the Parish records of St Mary the Virgin and St James. I have also searched the Census for the years 1841, 1851 1861 and 1871. I also ordered the Cowgate Cemetry records, however, these were unavailable. Also, I had a look at a recored titled the 1833 Deeds, but this did not contain any relevant information..
Reed, Hertford, England
I have seen the records of the earliest known records for the Hipgraves in Reed, Hertford, England. I hope to have copies soon. The records look as if they are for the Ipgraves, but upon speaking to an experienced genealogist I was informed that in the 1500’s the letter “H” looked like today’s “I”.
Pirton, Hertford, England
Among the many records I discovered on this film I found the baptism record for my Great(x3)-Grandfather George Hipgrave and his siblings. I also discovered that his mothers’ name is Susannah. I have seen films for the 1841 and 1851 census in Pirton, and copied some records from it. John Hipgrave (my Great(x4)-Grandfather died in 1849 (aged 92). Unfortunately the 1841 Census only said that John Hipgrave was born in another area, but didn’t say where.
Ippollitts, Hertford, England
I found many records for Hipgraves in the Ippollitts area. As yet, I have not been able to link them to the John Hipgrave Family Tree.
Ickleford, Bedford, England
While researching the Census Records from Pirton, Herford, England I discoverd that a few Hipgraves were from Ickleford which is near Pirton (next to the border of Bedford).
Shillington, Bedford, England
I am trying to find out if the John Hipgrave mentioned in this record is the same John Hipgrave that is currently at the top of my own Hipgrave tree.
Henlow, Bedford, England
Similar to the above, I am trying to find out if the John Hipgrave mentioned in this record is related to theĀ  John Hipgrave that is currently at the top of my own Hipgrave tree. This could possibly be his father.